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Robbie Sanders
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New Vinyl, New Vibes: Introducing Dreamsicle 🍊

Dreamsicle photo rear
In the shop getting some vinyl tattoo's for Dreamsicle

There's something to be said about making a statement. And that's precisely what we aimed for with our 2022 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Z51. Bathed in a tantalizing Amplify Orange, she's not just any Corvette – she's Dreamsicle.

Dreamsicle Photo Rear
Progress being made

The name draws inspiration from the classic summer treat, the orange creamsicle. Just like the delightful combination of zesty orange popsicle and creamy white vanilla inside, Dreamsicle in its Amplify Orange, reminds us of those warm summer days, savoring a cold treat under the blazing sun. The white livery graphics, on the other hand, mirrors the creamy counterpart of the treat. Together, they form a visual and emotional treat – swift, yet sweet; powerful, yet playful too.

Dreamsicle Top View

With her fresh vinyl, Dreamsicle isn't just a car; she's a feeling. A throwback to those carefree summer days, yet a nod to modern design and unmatched performance. It's where nostalgia meets horsepower. Every glance at her, every rev of the engine, is a reminder of why we fall in love with cars in the first place.

So, if you see Dreamsicle on track, know that it's not just about speed – it's about savoring every moment.

Dreamsicle side view

What do you think? Do you like how it's coming along??

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