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The Evolution of the Corvette Design: Wasn't it always mid-engine?

It's a controversial topic, is this really the 'First' mid-engine Corvette? What is 'mid-engine' anyway?

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"A mid-engine configuration refers to the placement of an automobile engine between the rear and front axles." - Robbie Sanders

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Historical Teases:

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Chevrolet has flirted with mid-engine designs for decades. From the open-wheel Chevrolet Engineering Research Vehicle (CERV) of 1959 to the CERV-III/Corvette Indy in 1986, enthusiasts have been teased about the possibility.

β€œNo one will ever be able to say again that a Corvette can’t be made into a world-class sports car.” Zora Arkus-Duntov

The Mid-Engine Misconception:

The 2020 model has been often termed as the 'first mid-engine' Corvette. Yet, every Corvette since 1963 has technically been mid-engine. The term's misapplication simplifies the complex engineering nuances that distinguish front-engine, mid-engine, and rear-engine layouts.

Corvette's Turning Points:

The original 1953 Corvette was revolutionary but leaned more towards luxury.
The 1963 (C2) Corvette marked the car's first shift towards the sports and performance-oriented domain, such as a new chassis with an independent rear suspension.
C5's 1997 model was another game-changer, introducing a front-mid rear transaxle powertrain layout with an almost 50/50 weight distribution. Technically, this could be referred to as a mid-engine corvette!
The C6 and C7 followed suit, refining the successful design and racing championships.

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Many people consider the C7 ZR1 to be the pinnacle of performance possible without moving the engine further rearward.

A New Direction with C8:

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With the C8, Chevrolet has targeted a broader audience, trying to compete with European luxury sports cars. The new design brings the driver closer to the front axle, offers lesser storage but leans into a 40/60 rear weight bias. The only transmission available is the Tremec 8-speed dual-clutch gearbox, and the right-hand-drive option is now feasible due to its mid-rear drivetrain layout.

In Conclusion:

The C8 is a culmination of Corvette's illustrious legacy. While it competes in a whole new market, it's a testament to Chevrolet's progressive vision for America's sports car. However, while many accolades fit the new model, simplifying it as "mid-engine" does an injustice to its predecessors.

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